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Wapsi Whitlock Dubbing Blend SLF Boxes


Wapsi Whitlock Dubbing Blend SLF Boxes

Brand: Wapsi

2 boxes in this great dubbing by Dave Whitlock

Box 1 has the following colours:

Red Fox Squirrel Thorax

Scud & Shrimp Gray

Sowbug Gray

Sowbug Tan

Red Fox Squirrel Abdoman

Scud & Shrimp Olive

Damsel Tan

Damsel Olive

Dragon Fly Dark

Dragon Fly Olive

Scud & Shrimp Orange/Pink

Scud & Shrimp Tan

Box 2 the following colours:

Golden Stone

Brown Stone

Dark Stone


Sculpin Olive

Sculpin Golden Brown

Minnow Gills

Stonefly Gills

Minnow Belly

Crayfish Orange

Crayfish Sandy Gray

Crayfish Brown