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Hanak Superb XP Fly Rods

Hanak Superb XP Fly Rods

Hanak Superlight Nymphing Rods:
10ft 3wt

10ft 3wt




There may be a 2 week wait for some models

HANÁK Competition SUPERB XP - New 2019

A brand new series of four-part ultra-light, very fine and very powerful rods. They are the best fly fishing rods in the world. They were designed, continuously tested and fine-tuned by the world's best fly fisherman - TEAM HANÁK Competition SUPERB STARS - members of the Czech National Fly Team in close cooperation with our company HANÁK Competition using the latest and highest quality materials and technologies available.

Each single rod was designed and tested separately with the best Czech fly fisher in the given category of rods.

SUPERB XP 290 and 299 - Antonin Pesek current world champion.
SUPERB XP 390 - Roman Heimlich
SUPERB XP 396 - Martin Droz
SUPERB XP 3100 - Ivan Vancura
SUPERB XP 3106 - Lubos Roza
SUPERB XP 4110 - Vojtech Ungr

By utilizing the latest technology and materials HI-CARBON in combination with a special nano fibers of the highest class and using extra-light super quality components managed to reduce the weight of these rods about 30% (up to 30 g) than conventional rods. Super thin and solid FUJI SIC guide eyes. Continuous, very durable and flexible titanium eyelets RECOIL Titanflex - Made in USA. Exclusive fitting with an exotic wood insert. Cocoon of the highest quality AAAA.

The total unobtrusive matte design helps bring you closer to careful fish. Blank of these bars is matt golden olive. Plug-in black.

Each rod is supplied in a luxury PENTAGON tubus with a separate compartment for each piece.

Model Length Transport length AFTMA Number of parts Weight

SUPERB XP 290 275 cm 73 cm # 2  71 g

SUPERB XP 299 300 cm 79 cm # 2 73 g

SUPERB XP 390 275 cm 73 cm # 3 75 g

SUPERB XP 396 290 cm 77 cm # 3 77 g

SUPERB XP 3100 305 cm 81 cm # 3 79 g

SUPERB XP 3106 320 cm 84 cm # 3 83 g

SUPERB XP 4110 335 cm 88 cm # 4 88 g