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Senyo's Articulated Shanks

Senyo's Articulated Shanks


mm Sizes:



Specialized shanks for articulated freshwater and saltwater steelhead and salmon flies.

 Specialized for use in intruder-style and other modern steelhead and salmon flies, Senyo's shanks have sought-after features such as a loop-up eye at the front of the shank, stronger stainless steel wire, and a slightly smaller rear loop. Bright, vibrant colors enable you to take the color blending of materials to a whole new level.

Quantity per pack: 20

Two Sizes 25mm & 40mm

Quick and easy to tie
Senyo's Shank is held straight in any vise, avoiding the need to tie the fly at strange angles. This allows you to easily attach a free-swinging stinger hook or do a direct hook-to-shank connection using the rear loop.

Loop-up eye
Keeping with traditional salmon and steelhead flies.

Small rear loop
Allows you to attach hooks directly onto the shank.

Stainless steel
For saltwater use.